Our fees cover everything during the club season including Nationals for 15s-18s.

Total Fees per age division:  $550 for 12s, $1900 for 13s-14s $2500 for 15s-17s, 18s $2350

We have many options for payment plans and we will NOT ask you to pay any amount over the initial club fees.

Here is what is included in your club fees:

  • 2-3 uniform tops
  • Warm-up Jacket plus pants
  • Training with the best educators and coaches in the state with two practices per week - Sunday & Wednesday Evenings for all teams and one open-training session on Fridays each week for the 13s - 18s age groups
  • Coaches' fees
  • AAU, JVA and USA registration for coaches and  JVA registration for players(Players will need to register and pay for their own USA and AAU fees)
  • Insurance for coaches
  • Coaches travel: We travel with one head coach per team to keep costs down
  • Court time for training

Tournament entry fees

  • 12s = 5 total tournaments (4 local tournaments and Des Moines May 4/5)
  • 13s & 14s = 8 total tournaments  (5 local tournaments, Local Presidents Day , Sioux Falls Grand Prix and Des Moines)
  • 15s, 16s, 17s & 18s = approx  8-9 tournaments, 3-5 local/4-5 out of town

Possible tournaments:

Local Great Plains/USA Tourneys
Northern Lights 18s qualifier in Omaha. Jan 11-13
Triple crown in KC Presidents Day Tourney Feb16-18
Colorado Crossroads 15s March 9-11, 16s-18s March 15-17
AAU Grand Prix - Sioux Falls, SD April 13-14
Midwest JVA - Des Moines May 4-5
Northern Lights  - Memorial Day Tourney May 25-28
Nebraska Jrs/VCN Pre National Tourney June 8-9
AAU Nationals - Orlando
18s May 24-27
15s- 17s Approx June 16-28 (specific dates not released)