2018 Club Season – What to Expect

A letter to our potential members:

Greetings! For many of our athletes in their high school season, we hope you are doing well and competing hard! For all of our alum, may your college years be some of the best.

The coaches at Nebraska Juniors are getting excited for a new club season to start. There are a few new things happening for the 2018 season which we want to share with you below. As always, we thank each of you for your dedication to Nebraska Juniors and we hope to make 2017 a memorable club season!

Who We Are:
  • Nebraska Juniors is officially a registered non-profit (501c3) organization.
  • We are located in Lincoln, Nebraska with Abbott Sports Complex (7600 N 70th St) as our home facility for practices and competition.
  • We offer training for all ages from Pre-K through High School.
  • We encourage Nebraska Juniors alumni that are playing in college to train with us in their off-seasons.
  • Our volleyball club will register in both the JVA and USA associations in order to utilize the best of both groups with competition and location.
  • Nebraska Juniors strives to provide fundamentally-sound training at an elite level.  We want to advance our players, both physically and mentally, so that they have the tools that can be utilized for college and beyond.
  • Our coaches have over a combined 100 years of coaching experience.  We are one of the longest-running clubs in Nebraska and feel our training is some of the best in the nation producing elite athletes at all levels.
  • We host a top team in all age divisions from 13s-18s.
  • We will have a 2nd team in each age division, but only if there are enough players for a full and competitive team.
  • Coaches for the top team in each age division have been decided and are listed on the website.
  • The coaches for any 2nd team will be assigned, once the teams have been selected.  We have a long list of outstanding coaches that are eager to lead a team.
  • Our fees cover everything during the club season including JVA World Challenge, Pre-nationals and Nationals.
  • Included in your fees:
  • Training with the best educators and coaches in the state with two practices per week – Sunday afternoons/evenings & Monday Evenings (13s/14s) and Wednesday Evenings (15s-18s)and one open-training session each week (Friday evenings)
  • Coaches’ fees
  • AAU, JVA and USA registration for coaches and  JVA registration for players
  • Insurance for coaches
  • Coaches travel: We travel with one head coach per team to keep costs down.
  • Court time for training
  • Tournament entry fees
  • 2-3 uniform tops
  • Warm-up Jacket plus pants
  • $1600 for 13s-14s (8 dates of competition); $2200 for 15s-18s (9-11 dates of competition)

Training Option:

  • Returning in 2018 – Nebraska Juniors will be providing an option for athletes who want the ability to receive high-level volleyball training without the additional costs and commitment of traveling for tournaments.  It is also available to anyone not placed on a team at tryouts.
  • This is a great opportunity for athletes who want to train alongside the best players in the state and learn from the best coaches to improve their abilities.  Athletes will train with their age division during two practices each week and will also be able to participate in the club-wide Friday night training sessions. College coaches from all levels around the country routinely stop by practices for Nebraska Juniors, so athletes will gain great exposure just from training with the club.
  • $900 for 13s-14s; $1600 for 15s-18s
OPEN GYMS:   13s-14s:   Mon, Sep 11 & 18                         7:00-8:15pm    $10 per session
                               15s-18s:    Sun, Nov 5                                   2:00-4:00pm $10 per session
                                                  Wed, Nov 8                                 6:00-8:00pm  $10 per session
**If a student is not going to be playing or practicing with their Varsity team competing in the Nebraska State Volleyball Tournament, they may attend an open gym.
However, once a student has attended an open gym, they are ineligible to practice with or compete in the State Volleyball tournament for that season.
TRYOUTS:      13s-14s:    Sunday, Sept 24              5:30pm registration, 6:00pm tryouts begin – at Abbott Sports Complex
                        15s-16s:    Sunday, Nov 12               7:30am registration, 8:00am tryouts begin – at Spikes 2300 Judson St
                        17s-18s:    Sunday, Nov 12               9:30am registration, 10:00am tryouts begin – at Spikes 2300 Judson St
*Players will need to tryout for their correct age division. Coaches may decide it is in the best interest of the club to ask a player to play on a team of a different age group.  These decisions will be made after the tryout has begun.
*Tryout fee of $20  –  Fees will be collected at tryouts